Welded Rebar Cages


McNish Steel is excited to start production on welded rebar cages. Our new MEP GAM 1500 cage machine is equipped with a state of the art welding robot to produce cages of unparalleled quality in a timely and efficient manner. All our operators and procedures are CWB Certified keeping with McNish Steel’s high standards of quality and safety.

These cages are perfect for CFA piling but can easily replace regular tied cages, meeting all the standards of tied cages while being more durable. Moreover, since welded rebar cages are delivered assembled there is reduced onsite housekeep and reduced potential for onsite safety incidences.

If you have any questions about the above mentioned products, or simply just need more information, please contact our office at 780-447-3337 or email us at office@mcnishsteel.com.

Welded Rebar Cages Diagrams


- All cages are welded with G400W Reinforcing Steel or Deformed Wire

- Cages range from 200mm to 1500mm in diameter and up to 15000mm in length

- All cages are fabricated on our MEP GAM 1500 Cage Machine by a certified CWB welders and in accordance to CSA W186

- Mill certifications and weld procedures can be provided up receipt of material if required