Peace River Retaining Wall

Project Details

Project Name: Peace River Retaining Wall

Partner: Doublestar Drilling

Date: Late 2013 - Early 2015

Client: Alberta Transportation

When an important 120m section of landslide prone stretch of highway collapsed near the town of Peace River McNish Steel become involved in the stabilization project and subsequent retaining wall project. A vital stretch of highway, Highway 774, runs along a narrow ridge between Peace River and Heart River.
With no other viable option Alberta Transportation decided a permanent, reliable solution was needed. Along with Doublestar Drilling, McNish Steel was included in the extensive project involving over 490 anchor systems with 43,000 lineal feet of related systems.
Vital Infrastructure
Highway 744 is a vital road between Peace River and the surrounding area. Plagued with landslide issues for years a more permanent solution was required to avoid any further closures.
Extensive Drilling
More than 25 linear kilometres were drilled to install all piles and anchors. The installation of the 538 tieback anchors required 21 trucks with a total of 357 pallets of grout.
Successful Completion
Despite a challenging subsurface, limited access and harsh weather conditions, the entire project was completed successfully without any safety incidents. The effected stretch of highway is now fully operational with no issues.

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