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Our mission is to add value. Value to our customers, our employees and our industry

Marion Fyshe, McNish Steel
About McNish Steel

McNish Steel is a family owned and operated rebar fabrication shop based in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 1978 by father and son William and Wallace McNish, McNish Steel strived to become a company contractor’s trust.
Today, the company is run by Wallace, his sister Betty and her two children Marion and Jamie. They continue to build on the foundation laid down by William and Wallace by providing customers with on time deliveries, quality products and the kind of customer service you only get with a family business.
LEEDv4 - The Future of Green Building

McNish Steel is proud to announce that we have received a third party verified Environmental Product Declaration for Fabricated Reinforcing Bar

As always, McNish Steel is committed to evolving our contribution to sustainability and product transparency. With the announcement of LEED v4, we were quick to adapt to the changing LEED formula. Under LEED V4 B,D + C, there is the opportunity to achieve 2 credits under the Materials and Resources Category, subcategory Building product disclosure and optimization.

In order to achieve these credits, the applicant must use at least 20 different permanently installed products sourced from at least five different manufacturers that meet one of the disclosure criteria which include Environmental Product Declarations.
Since our EPD is Type III product specific, our EPD counts as a full product toward the 20 required. Product Specific Type I EPDs only count as 1/4 of a product and Industry EPDs only count as 1/2 a product.

McNish Steel looks forward to working with you on your future LEED v4 Projects as we all strive to build more sustainable buildings.

If you have any questions about McNish Steel EPD and our contribution to LEED v4 please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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We’re here to meet all your reinforcing steel needs and do so by relying on the values that have informed our business for over the last 38 years. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff can provide you with all the answers to your reinforcing steel questions. From estimating to delivery, they ensure that you receive quality service and quality products.

McNish Steel also recognizes the importance of staying innovative. Using aSa Rebar, we are able to provide our customers with the latest in rebar software including accurate estimates, easy to read CAD drawings and ‘real time’ material tracking.

Providing quality service and quality products also requires having modern machinery. Our rebar coil machines and rebar benders allow for a quick turnaround, making sure our customers get what they want, when they want it.

With an experienced staff, innovative software and modern machinery, McNish Steel is prepared to take on any job regardless of size and complexity.

We are proud of the organization we have spent over 38 years building and we remain rooted in our family values as we continue to grow with our industry and our customers. We are a company that thrives off hard work and determination and we look forward to helping you meet your project goals in a timely, cost-effective and friendly manner.

People are often surprised we are still a family run business. We consistently operator and perform on a much larger scale than many would think. A close, well experienced team is our secret.

Betty McNish

McNish Steel - The Historic Backbone of Edmonton

If we go back for a moment to the simpler times of 1978. This was before computers and smartphones. Before tablets and PCs. A time when a man’s word was his bond. Thirty eight years ago.
That’s when Edmonton’s McNish Steel was born.

Back then communities were smaller. Not just here, but everywhere. Neighbourhoods were close. People greeted each other. We had quality time at home. And when it was time to work, we worked hard and delivered service to talk about.

At the time it wasn’t easy to become the most respected manufacturer in Edmonton. We started small and worked hard. A father-son team with a future-focused vision and an entrepreneur’s heart. When William and Wallace McNish opened the doors to our first customer, it was with smiles on their faces and a fire in their souls.

Over the years McNish Steel made a name for itself locally and Canada wide. We weren’t just another rebar shop. We were the fabrication company you depended on. You trusted us, and built with us, and on more than one occasion you even dined with us.

In 2001 when William passed away his daughter, Betty McNish, picked up operations and helped drive us forward to ensure the family name continued and thrived.

Today Betty’s children, Marion and Jamie, bring a 3rd generation to carry on the legacy. Together we’ve raised what started as a small shop, into Alberta leading rebar manufacturing company, highly capable and very experienced.

Three decades later and still standing strong McNish Steel continues to improve its technologies, products, and services. We still stand behind our name and honor the integrity you’ve come to know and trust.

We are a reliable, faithful, family-friendly service. Quality products done right. An unwavering dedication to improvement while always guarding our values. Three decades of experience. That’s why Edmonton continues to choose us after nearly forty years.